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Archive Clearance

Focal  Award Winner Researcher of the Year

National Television Award Winner : Best Authored Documentary - Lewis Capaldi: How I'm Feeling Now


Research and clearance of Footage, Audio and Images for use in feature documentaries, adverts & commercials, tv series, museum exhibitions, art instillations, drama and more.


Now also Producing for Live Events! If you need an on-site Producer or Assistant Producer feel free to get in touch

Scroll down for full CV and examples of past work


Work so far...

The Fashion Awards 2023 - Producer - December 2023

Returning for a third year in a row, producing live event red carpet footage, interviewing celebrities as they arrive at the event and capturing key deliverables for clients and sponsors

RSA Films - ITAU Commercial - Madonna - December 2023

Clearance of Madonna music videos and performances for an advert for ITAU bank, very quick turnaround project and commercial clearances 

Dorothy Street Pictures Films - January 2024 - Present

Working part time on their upcoming feature music documentary about a female musician

Producer - Cog X Festival - Gold Dust Films - September 2023

Producer working with A/V teams on live streaming for the event

Archive Producer - Pulse Films - August 2023 - Present

Working part-time with Pulse Films on their upcoming music documentary

Archive Producer - Robbie Williams Documentary Series -  Ridley Scott Associates Films - July 2022 - September 2023

Lead Archive Producer on Netflix's upcoming documentary series for Netflix alongside Director Joe Pearlman, managing a team of loggers and Junior Archive Researchers. Locating, logging and digitising a huge archive of over 4000 tapes/drives/reels, sourcing commercial archive from around the world, managing relationships with photographers and videographers who've worked with Rob throughout the years. Managing EDLs and clearance, working with record labels on clearing label-owned assets such as music videos and beyond.

Archive Producer - Pulse Films - Lewis Capaldi : How I'm Feeling Now- August 2021 - January 2023

Research and clearance of more modern music performances, interviews, radio and tv for the official feature documentary about Lewis Capaldi during the writing of his second album

Archive Producer - New Black Films - Copa '71 - January 2022 - November 2022

Laying the ground work on three of their upcoming documentaries. Sourcing global archive and advising on budget and necessary third party rights. One focussing on a massively successful country music singer, another on man-powered flight and a doc on women's football. 

Live Producer - The Fashion Awards 2022 - Gold Dust Films

Red Carpet Producer on the night of The British Fashion Council's celebratory  evening. Working alongside camera crew and PR team on the red carpet, personally interviewing celebrities as they walk the red carpet in order to capture footage for socials and key deliverables for BFC

Producer -  Gold Dust Films - CogX Festival 2022

On site Producer for this exciting three day tech conference, filmed on broadcast quality cameras, live streamed to Youtube and finally edited into a cut-down for broadcast across VOD and socials. Worked alongside the Camera team to log the footage and troubleshoot any obstacles that inevitably arise with live events 

Archive Producer - Skandal! Bringing Down Wirecard - Passion Pictures Films - Untitled Documentary (in production) - September 2021 - June 2022

Responsible for sourcing and licensing complicated global archive footage, photography and audio, highlighting any necessary third party rights. Working with Director and Editor to understand their vision and what footage they require, adding some creative ideas to help add to the film. This film was in collaboration with The Financial Times.

album.  Currently in production 

Archive Assistant Producer - Marianne Faithfull Documentary - January 2022 - August 2022

From the BAFTA nominated creators of the Nick Cave Documentary "20,000 Days on Earth" this is a new approach to documentary making. Requiring a creative and tenacious approach to sourcing all photographs for the film, alongside assisting with footage research and clearance.

Archive Producer / Producer - Gold Dust Films, The British Fashion Council - The Fashion Awards 2021 - September - December 2021

Liaising directly with fashion houses and designers from large global brands to independent British brands such as Fendi, Vivienne Westwood, Mulberry, Tiffany, Priya Ahluwalia, Bethany Williams, Phoebe English and more. Responsible for pulling in footage and photographs from Designers to create short films for the awards and on the BFC's social pages, ensuring all are appropriately licensed. On the night of the awards I was also a Producer with the Red Carpet camera team, interviewing celebrities, directing talent for special BTS filming, and ensuring we got the material we needed for the awards.

Archive Assistant Producer - Devon Atlantic - 9/11 Inside the President's War Room - May 2021 - August 2021

Documentary for the BBC and Apple showing a unique perspective on a well known historical event. Responsibilities included sourcing and licensing footage, audio and stills, compiling EDLs and accurate costing breakdowns, working with UK and US Archives. Brought in towards the end of the project to complete all licenses, broker deals with archives and ensure deadlines are met (within budget!)

Archive Researcher – Becoming Led Zeppelin – Paradise Entertainment - April 2019- present

From the makers of “American Epic” directed by Bernard McMahon, this truly unique and exciting project has required outside the box thinking in order to source the best quality footage and photos. The only official feature documentary about Led Zeppelin, the band are heavily involved. Working in support of a well-renowned Archive Producer, tracking down original negs of film from the Arctic Circle to dealing with Private Collectors who are understandably reticent to part with their prize jewels, this project has brought new exciting challenges. Also responsible for Photo Licensing and clearance. Almost complete - this now requires very little work from me to get it over the line

Archive Producer - Arctic Monkeys - Wildlife Entertainment - September 2020 - May 2021

Cataloging the official Arctic Monkeys Archive. Researching and ascertaining rights to visual and audio content. Compiling integrated online database to store archive in an easily searchable online format.

Archive Researcher –  The Sparks Brothers Halfnelson Films - September 2018 - January 2021

Acclaimed Director Edgar Wright’s first feature Documentary, this film tells the story of the 50-year-long career of Ron and Russell Mael aka “Sparks”. Working day-to-day in the edit suite alongside the Director, Editor and Producer. Managing archive research, licensing and clearance of footage and stills, third party clearance, EDLs, budget planning, and negotiating with archives, using Filemaker software and basic Premier Pro skills to ingest archive and create archive timelines.

Archive Researcher - Abba Exhibition @ The O2 "Super Troupers" -Entertainment Exhibitions International - May 2019 – December 2019

An official ABBA immersive museum experience at The O2 Arena chronicling the meteoric rise of the one of the worlds biggest band, this project features exclusive footage, audio, photos and artefacts from the band’s 4 decade long career. 

Working with BBC, ITV, AP, STV, ZDF Alamy on locating and licensing footage, images and audio for the exhibit of Abba themselves and key world events.

Archive Researcher – Pulse Films – March 2018 – October 2018

Worked alongside Academy Award-winning Director James Marsh on an exciting music documentary film produced by an award-winning production company. In collaboration with high profile Record Labels, I was brought on as Archiver Researcher in order to find and manage licensing of key audio/visual materials from local American Archives and other larger archives such as ITV, NBC, BBC, Getty, MTV and more

Archive/ Film Researcher – PANK Ltd – September 2017 – March 2018

In collaboration with Universal Music Group this project presented an opportunity to build a film from the ground up directly alongside well-renowned Producer George Pank (Amy, Maradona, Slumdog Millionaire). Was responsible for sourcing and ascertaining copyright licensing information for audio/visual material from Getty, BBC, ITV, INA, AP and more. Handled high value masters and archival material sent from Universal and the band's own personal archive. 

Campaign Director/ Corporate Video Programmer - Business Reporter @ The Telegraph Studios -June 2016-September 2017

Worked on interviews filmed at the Telegraph studios and articles released on The Telegraph online with companies such as Unilever, Bank of England, and PWC on business topics such as Digital Transformation and The Future of Retail. Secured sponsored and editorial content for campaigns and excelled financial targets by building relationships with board level executives at every size of business from SMEs to the top four.

Archive Research Assistant – Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist – Dogwoof Productions – Aug 2016 – Dec 2016

Worked alongside Archive Producer Kate Griffiths to ensure deadlines were reached by producing key Edit Decision Lists (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet of all assets in the film) securing key audio/visual archive materials and copyright clearances. Produced EDLs quickly to give an oversight of costs and used creative skills to complete research 



Kate and Tess [McNally-Watson], the archivists on the project, did such an amazing job. Tess was in suite with me every day, so I was able to have an idea, turn around to Tess, and she would go on a mission. An hour later, I could be looking at the fruits of her labor in that regard, and then these ideas, were translated straight into the screen, which was a really satisfying process. It’s just a fun way of visualizing their story, which we were given license to, because the guys themselves were happy for us to, at times, take a fun approach. People are often so sort of serious. If it’s your life story, it’s a serious business, and I think it takes a very distinctive personality to be able to approach somebody’s life story in a way that we did with Ron and Ross. And I’m very grateful that they were up for it.

Paul Trewartha - Editor - The Sparks Brothers

Reviews for The Sparks Brothers

Directed by Edgar Wright

Client 5

The Guardian

4 stars

The Sparks Brothers review – Edgar Wright’s giddy tribute to the Gilbert and George of pop

Client 6

The Financial Times

The Sparks Brothers — a joyful, affectionate rock documentary

Edgar Wright’s film about Ron and Russell Mael mixes archive footage with an impressively broad spectrum of interviewees

Client 4

The LA Times

Review: ‘Sparks Brothers’ doc celebrates the greatest band you’ve never heard of

Near the end of Edgar Wright’s delightful documentary “The Sparks Brothers,” a loving, lighthearted tribute to the 50-plus years that brothers Ron and Russell Mael have spent making some of the best music you’ve probably never heard, Amy Sherman-Palladino comes on and starts talking about the brothers’ mystique, saying that they’ve given us the music and that’s all we need.

Client 1

The Telegraph

4 Stars

The Sparks Brothers, review: hypnotic tribute to a seismically influential pop duo

Edgar Wright's documentary about evergreen pop eccentrics Ron and Russell Mael is powered by old-fashioned, quasi-evangelical enthusiasm

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